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The BlazeMate Vape Pen is the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and a design that caters to the needs and preferences of discerning vape cannasseurs and extractors. The disposable BlazeMate Vape Pen offers a range of advantages, including a unique ventilation structure, a postless design with an extra large oil filling aperture for ease of manufacturing, an embedded mesh heating core for faster heating and a larger heating area, a generous oil intake hole to keep the coil saturated and increase oil transfer speed, and a temperature control button with both preheat and four adjustable heat settings, making it feel like a low-temp dab rig with the ability to blow phat clouds in the palm of your hand. The BlazeMate Vape Pen is 100% cotton-free, so there is no cotton wick to burn, and users won’t get that burnt popcorn taste. Your oil's true flavors will shine through every hit. Don’t just get your customers high; provide a vaping experience that delivers your oils' best flavors and gives users the most control with the BlazeMate Vape Pen.

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