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Blazemate Vape Cartridges

Blazemate Vape Cartridges

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The BlazeMate Vape Pen is the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and a design that caters to the needs and preferences of discerning vape cannasseurs and extractors. The disposable BlazeMate Vape Pen offers a range of advantages, including a unique ventilation structure, a postless design with an extra large oil filling aperture for ease of manufacturing, an embedded mesh heating core for faster heating and a larger heating area, a generous oil intake hole to keep the coil saturated and increase oil transfer speed, and a temperature control button with both preheat and four adjustable heat settings, making it feel like a low-temp dab rig with the ability to blow phat clouds in the palm of your hand. The BlazeMate Vape Pen is 100% cotton-free, so there is no cotton wick to burn, and users won’t get that burnt popcorn taste. Your oil's true flavors will shine through every hit. Don’t just get your customers high; provide a vaping experience that delivers your oils' best flavors and gives users the most control with the BlazeMate Vape Pen.


  • Quantity: 100–3,500
    • $3.89 per unit; 100-unit minimum; 100-unit increments
  • Quantity: 3,600–10,200
    • $3.19 per unit; 3,600-unit minimum; 600-unit increments
  • Quantity: 10,800–54,000
    • $2.99 per unit; 10,800-unit minimum; 10,800-unit increments
  • Quantity: 54,000+
    • Reach out for a personalized quote

Colors can be mixed and matched as long as they are ordered in minimum quantities/increments.

Contact us to discuss pricing and purchase options.


  • Portability: This bad boy measures a compact 20.8mm in width, 10.7mm in depth, and 101mm in height. It's the bro you can take anywhere, anytime.
  • Precision and Control: With a resistance level of 1.7±0.1Ω and four adjustable voltage settings (3.0V, 2.6V, 2.2V, or 1.8V), the BlazeMate offers precision and control that allows users to customize their experience. Whether your consumers prefer thick clouds or subtle hits, they’re in charge. Whether you’re filling with a premium BHO extract or a high terpene live rosin, the BlazeMate’s settings are fine-tuned to perform well and protect the flavor of your oil. The 1.6V preheat function also allows users to ready their vape for the best flavor experience.
  • Ceramic Coil: Our design eliminates the traditional cotton wick for ceramic technology, ensuring every customer’s experience is consistent and exactly as you intended. The central portion of the coil consists of a microporous ceramic wick. At the same time, the exterior is jacketed in non-porous ceramic that ensures atomizer manufacturing consistency and the coil’s vaping performance.
  • Mesh Heating Core (Embedded): Get ready for 60% faster heating and 50% more heating area. The BlazeMate’s mesh heating core is embedded into the bottom of the ceramic coil, achieving more rapid heating over a larger area. Your customers will blow huge, flavorful clouds at lower voltages and temperatures like they’ve never experienced before.
  • Oil Intake Hole: With a generous 5.4mm by 1.8mm oil intake hole, the ceramic coil is always drenched in oil, and the transfer speed from tank to coil can keep pace with high-volume vaping.
  • Dual Side Airflow: Our innovative dual-side airflow design eliminates the need for a central post. This makes filling more manageable and allows users to monitor oil levels effortlessly.
  • Dual Side Ventilation: The ventilation design draws air from both sides underneath the core, so your customers will experience fewer clogs and leaks.
  • Oil Filling Hole: With an extra large filling aperture of 3.5mm x 2.25mm, you’ll fill easier and faster with the BlazeMate. The sealing gasket is also removable, which allows the filling aperture to open up to a massive 6mm x 4mm.
  • High Tank Capacity: Despite its compact size, the BlazeMate doesn't compromise on capacity. With a 1.0ml tank, it's perfect for extended sessions.
  • Capping Convenience: The BlazeMate mouthpieces are effortlessly secured into place with a user-friendly, easy press-fit design cap—no tools required.
  • Battery Powerhouse: With a robust 350mAh battery, our device ensures your party lasts all night. Bid farewell to constant recharging interruptions and keep the fun going.
  • Lightning-Fast Charging: No bro wants to wait. The Type-C charging port is an absolute game-changer. It ensures rapid and efficient charging, meaning you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your favorite pastime (cable not included).